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Announcing: A Collective Study of The Great Steel Strike and it’s Lessons

Our collective study will be reading this text detailing the General Steel Strike of 1919, immersing in this history together, and drawing lessons from it to strengthen our organizing and struggles of today. We will gather on Zoom for two, 90 min. discussions, each discussion covering one half of the book.  Dates and times for the […]

Say NO to a “No-Strike Clause.” Starbucks looks to negotiate away workers freedom to strike.

The Starbucks Workers United union is well into the bargaining process with the Starbucks corporation. As of today, delegates are preparing for what will be several months into the foreseeable future of extended negotiations before finalizing any contract for US Starbucks cafes. In the union’s recent meetings with Starbucks, the beginnings of a national framework […]

Join Us For May Day in Portland!

May Day in large part represents the international unified demand of the Working class and many years of organized struggle for the 8 hr work day. On this day of international importance to all workers we will be coming together to celebrate the growing struggle of workers and hear from workers in the network on […]

Labor Notes 2024: Towards a United Front for the Class Union

On April 19-21, the bi-annual Labor Notes conference of union militants, will be held in Chicago. Five thousand participants are expected. This is a beautiful proof of the vitality of the American working class, on the economic and union terrain. As the international bourgeoisie re-arm across the world in preparation for renewed inter-imperialist conflict, the […]

CSAN Monthly Meetings

Join us for our CSAN regular monthly meetings. At these events workers have an opportunity to hear from leaders within the workers movement who are paving the way to put unions back on the right track to take on the capitalist class. Workers also have the opportunity to talk with others and get ideas and […]

CSAN One Year in Retrospect

On May Day 2023 the Class Struggle Action Network held its inaugural event. The event was well attended by over 50 workers across unions and sectors. Since then the network has grown to include participants from all over the world and from a wide variety of industries and sectors. We have assisted with strike solidarity […]

Electoralism: A Dead End for the Unions

A sign of the times is the increasing popularity of the  book by Joe Burns titled Class Struggle Unionism. Burns himself has been invited to speak at regional conventions of some of the countries largest unions including the National Education Association, with many leaders of prominent unions publicly affiliating themselves with the program of what […]

Striking Levi’s Workers Call for International Solidarity Actions On Saturday

Since our last report on the matter, 450 worker, of the newly formed combative Birtek-Sen union,  at the Özak Tekstil factory which produces Levi’s jeans, have continued their strike despite layoffs by the company and government repression. The union is now calling for international solidarity this Friday on social media and for workers to gather to […]

Fred Meyer Worker Rank and File Committee Begin Fight for $40 an Hour Ahead of Union Bargaining

The fight for $40 is on! Fred Meyer workers in UFCW local 555 have initiated their own rank and file committee called United for Class Wide Action (UFCWA). UFCWA is committed to ensuring a contract bargaining campaign that will truly improve their working conditions. Sign their petition to support their demands, help circulate their petition, […]

Internationalist Class Solidarity from the United States with the struggling Özak Tekstil Workers in Turkey! (Turkish and English)

For the past 10 days, factory workers at Özak Tekstil, a textile factory in Urfa, southeastern Turkey, have been on strike and fighting heroically against the company, the collaborationist union, and the boss’s regime. It all started on November 19th, when about 450 workers out of 700 employed at the factory gathered in an assembly […]

The State of the Starbucks Struggle: Current Obstacles as Red Cup Day Strikes Near

The struggle thus far is best characterized by the failed strategies of labor bureaucrats in the union to deliver decisive wins, and the necessity of class unionism to revive the labor movement. Material wins for Starbucks workers cannot be sustained outside of conscious efforts in the class struggle. The Starbucks Workers United (SBWU) union has […]

Class Unionists Shut Down Portland Walgreens in Solidarity with Pharmacist Walkout

On October 9th Pharmacists with the American Pharmacists Association (APA) union began a three day walk out in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Massachusetts. The actions are taking place in protest of increasingly unsafe working conditions. While Walgreens pharmacies across the country have been shutdown, other Walgreens workers remain on the job, forced to endure the […]

UPS Kills Another Worker

Chris Begley, a devoted United Parcel Service (UPS) veteran collapsed during his delivery route on August 23 and passed away on the 27th. Begley, 57, had been looking forward to retirement after devoting 28 years to the company. He was a father of two and a loving husband. It was a blistering August day when […]

UPS And USPS Class Unionists, Coordinate Solidarity Ahead of Possible UPS Strike

Ahead of the looming UPS workers strike class unionist in both UPS and USPS began to organize a coordinated event to plan for solidarity actions between the two workplaces. A local member of UPS attended the CSAN May Day event. He decided to get more involved in the network, so they were put in contact […]

Georgian Workers Send Message of Solidarity to Providence Strikers

A solidarity message for Striking medical workers at Providence from The Health Care workers of “Solidarity Union” in the country of Georgia, affiliated with CSAN. The struggle of workers is shared internationally.The message of solidarity is translated into english below…“Due to very rough working conditions and inadequately low wages, in the city of Portland 2000 […]

Scabs Go Home!

Travelling nurses hired by Providence and staying at the Hyatt Regency got delivered a message. Those who decided to work anyways are Scabs. Dozens of the above leaflet were distributed to nurses and posted around the hotel.

Class Unionism BBQ Report Back

60 workers came together yesterday at our Class Unionism BBQ Potluck to strengthen the fighting capacity of the working class through the building of a Class Union Movement. The Network now has grown to nearly 200 workers across 30 unions! Now we enter a week of solidarity action at the 5 day strike of ONA […]

Class Unionism 101 Zine

What is Class Struggle Unionism?  At the most basic level class struggle unionism recognizes that the capitalist class, the employers and bosses, have absolutely no common interest with the working class. For us, unionism is about a struggle between classes. Agreements with employers are temporary truces rather than an alignment of interests. Examples of class […]

May Day Event Report Back

CSAN’s 2023 May Day event was a huge success! It was exciting to see workers come together on a day of immense historic importance to our class to learn about and discuss the uniting of our struggles into the formation of a class union. On this May Day, we remember the power of the general […]

Workers Fight On Despite Sell Out Contract! Solidarity With Weyerhaeuser Workers!

We in solidarity with all Weyerhauser workers, particularly those who voted no on the bogus contract pushed down their throats by union officials and the Weyerhaeuser corporation on October 29th. Don’t take this sitting down! The contract passed with a slim margin of 54%, with 46% of workers bitterly rejecting it. Due to the underhanded […]

Weyerhaeuser Strike Continues! All Power to the Rank N’ File!

This past weekend, class unionists visited the Weyerhaeuser workers picket lines in Lebanon, Springville, and Eugene, OR. While visiting, we distributed dozens of copies of The Workers Wildcat (Download Here). The union and Weyerhaeuser resumed negotiations this past Friday, as the workers continue to hold the picket line in a struggle for better wages and […]