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Each CSAN monthly meeting features a keynote guest speaker who is a leader within the workers movement paving the way to put unions back on a fighting footing.

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Providence Nurses It’s Time For An Indefinite Strike!

What follows is a leaflet distributed by members of the Class Struggle Action Network at the ongoing Providence nurses strike in ...

Announcing: A Collective Study of The Great Steel Strike and it’s Lessons

Our collective study will be reading this text detailing the General Steel Strike of 1919, immersing in this history together, and ...
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Say NO to a “No-Strike Clause.” Starbucks looks to negotiate away workers freedom to strike.

The Starbucks Workers United union is well into the bargaining process with the Starbucks corporation. As of today, delegates are preparing ...

Join Us For May Day in Portland!

May Day in large part represents the international unified demand of the Working class and many years of organized struggle for ...
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Labor Notes 2024: Towards a United Front for the Class Union

On April 19-21, the bi-annual Labor Notes conference of union militants, will be held in Chicago. Five thousand participants are expected. ...
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CSAN One Year in Retrospect

On May Day 2023 the Class Struggle Action Network held its inaugural event. The event was well attended by over 50 ...

Electoralism: A Dead End for the Unions

A sign of the times is the increasing popularity of the  book by Joe Burns titled Class Struggle Unionism. Burns himself ...
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Join the CSAN Monthly General Meeting!

Ever wondered how workers can organize and win despite restrictive laws designed to hold us back? Come hear from rank and ...
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Upcoming CSAN General Meeting

The Class Struggle Action Network has an upcoming General Meeting! January 11th @ 7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST on Zoom ...
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CSAN Solidarity Action With Levi’s Worker Strike

On December 23rd, members of the Class Struggle Action Network spent the afternoon distributing over 200 leaflets at two Levi's stores ...
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Striking Levi’s Workers Call for International Solidarity Actions On Saturday

Since our last report on the matter, 450 worker, of the newly formed combative Birtek-Sen union,  at the Özak Tekstil factory which ...
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Fred Meyer Worker Rank and File Committee Begin Fight for $40 an Hour Ahead of Union Bargaining

The fight for $40 is on! Fred Meyer workers in UFCW local 555 have initiated their own rank and file committee ...